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Event Registrants

This is a list of registrants for the displayed event
Title: Mission Road Ramble
When: February 18, 2018, 7:30 AM until 4:00 PM

Name Type
Tina Aguilar Member
Peter Allen Member Only
Mike Armsby Member
Mariano Avelarde Non-Member
Stephine Baloo Non-Member
Gerald Beal Member Only
Joyce Beal 1 Member Only
Neil Bruno Member
Luis Coppel Member Only
Melinda Correll Member Only
Sheila Donnelly Member
Jim Doyle Member
Carolyn Erdman Member
Eric Erdman Member
Ronald Gasser Member
Andrew Gaul Member Only
michael gibson Member
Theresa Gilbert Non-Member
Bruce Goldberg Member Only
Evelyn Gosnell Member
Thomas Gosnell Member
Esther Harman Member
Michael Hart Member
Marty Herbert Member
Anabel Hill Member
Stephanie Huether Member
Walter Hutchings Member
Rod Hutton Member
Joshua Joosten Member Only
Leonard Kershaw Member Only
Ruthie Kimmons Member
Chuck Lachin Member Only
Stanford Lamberg Member
Lorry Levine Member Only
Jay Liggett Member Only
Deb Liggett 1 Member Only Guest
Ray Malaski Member
Royce Marion Member Only
Alex Martinez Member Only
Jeanne McDonald Member
Gricelda Meraz Non-Member
Hughes Moir Member
Judy Moir Member
Gustavo Munguia Member Only
Isabel Osuna Non-Member
Faith Pablo Non-Member
Donald Perry Member Only
Margaret Perry Member Only
Gary Polidori Member
Ruthanne Polidori Member
Catherine Pumford Member
Robert Rhode Member
Andrew Rios Non-Member
Andrew Rios 1 Non-Member
Andrew Rios 2 Non-Member
Denise Roe 2 Member
Tom Sakorafis Member
Steven Schmidt Member
Ruben Tequida Non-Member
Ed Valerio Non-Member
Joseph VanAndel Member
Margaret VanAndel Member
Diane Wagner Member Only
Elias Washington Non-Member
Ermalinda Washington Non-Member
Michelle Waters Member
Carol Weiss Member
Gary Williams Member Only
Jeffry Ziegler Member Only