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Sonoita-Bisbee Overnight Ride   
Saturday and Sunday, 2021
Start/Finish: Santa Cruz County Fair Grounds, Sonoita, Arizona.
Distances: Day 1- 63 Miles, Day 2 - 70 Miles.

With the Spring sun beckoning you to Bisbee and the wind at your back, travel East on Hwy 82, feast your eye's on the rolling grassland country with the lofty Hauchuca Mountains at the horizon. Join us for a weekend of camaraderie, fitness, and fun in Bisbee. Pedal along rolling hill's and enjoy scenic vistas as you make your way to the quaint old mining town of Bisbee, now an art's colony, nestled in Southeast Arizona's Mule Mountains.

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We will provide three support and gear ( SAG) stations for each day of riding, (shown as B, and C on the maps below) where you can refuel with fruit, water, sports drinks, snacks, and sandwiches. SAG 2, will be the lunch stop for both Saturday and Sunday. 

There will be three Sweep vehicles on the routes providing mechanical support, and first aid if necessary. Each vehicle will be marked with a yellow magnetic sign that reads, "SUPPORT VEHICLE".

Watch for GABA signs indicating all the turns of the course and turnaround points. If you want a paper map & cue sheet, please follow the links below and print from home to bring with you on your ride.  Limited number of maps & cue sheets at rider check-in.

Course Overview and Maps

SB Saturday
Day 1, 63 miles, Sonoita, Tombstone, and Bisbee
SB Sunday Modified Original Rte
Day 2, 70 miles, Bisbee, Sierra Vista, Hauchuca City, Elgin

Day 1, 63 miles (Sonoita, Tombstone, and Bisbee). 

Ride North out of the Santa Cruz Fairgrounds, then turn east onto Hwy 82. The route will be marked with GABA signs at all turns. The route will pass through the beautiful grasslands of the Sonoita countryside to Mustang Corners towards Tombstone. Continue east on Hwy 82 the elevation dips down to the San Padro River and the Ghost Town of Fairbank which was settled in 1881, and was the closest rail stop to nearby Tombstone. There are still some buildings and foundations remaining of what was once the town of Fairbank, AZ. At Hwy 80 turn South towards the lively old town of Tombstone.  Lunch will be at the Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park. Stop for a bite and enjoy a meal at one of the old west restaurants, if you desire. Continue south on Hwy 80 towards Bisbee. Once near the top of  Mule Pass, the route will take you onto Old Divide Rd where you can look down on the town of Bisbee.

MAP: Day 1, Saturday 63 Mile Map & Cue Sheet and Saturday RidewithGPS    

Day 2,  ROUTE UPDATE! 70 miles (Bisbee, Sierra Vista, Huachuca City, Elgin).

Head south on Hwy 80 out of Bisbee, then at traffic circle turn onto Hwy 92 south towards Hereford. Be sure to check out the Lavender Pit as you make your descend out of Bisbee. Enjoy the long descent towards the San Pedro River, turning onto Hereford Rd. The route crossed the San Pedro and continues through residential streets making it's way thru Sierra Vista. Route continues on Buffalo Soldier Trail/Hwy 90. Lunch will be at Tompkins Park on the Right. After Lunch, Riders will continue on Buffalo Soldier Trail/Hwy 90 thru Huachuca City to Mustang Corners and Hwy 82. Turn Left onto Hwy 82 West and enjoy the grasslands and rolling hills towards Sonoita. Near the 58 mile mark, turn Left onto Upper Elgin Rd to ride by the many Wineries in Elgin, AZ. Continue on Lower Elgin Rd thru the quiet Ranches and Farms making your way to the Santa Cruz County Fair & Rodeo Grounds and the end to a wonderful ride.
Note: Just past the Lavender Pit, on a side street, there is the Bisbee Breakfast Club. This is a very popular spot for riders to meet for breakfast before heading out back to Sonoita. (Bisbee Breakfast Club, 75A Erie St, Bisbee, AZ).

MAP: Sunday Route Update! Sunday 70 Mile Map and Cue Sheet and Sunday RidewithGPS

Schedule of Events

6:30 to 7:30 AM, Santa Cruz County Fair grounds, Sonoita, Arizona. Free Parking outside fairgrounds.

Baggage Truck: Tag your luggage with the name of your hotel, your name and phone number. Tags can be picked up at rider check-in.  Baggage truck will leave fairgrounds at 8:00 AM. 

Baggage Truck:
Arrives in Bisbee between 12:00 and 1:00 pm to begin delivering luggage. 

Baggage Truck: Will begin picking up rider luggage at 8:30 AM. Please leave your luggage where it was dropped for you on Saturday.

Baggage Truck: Arrives at Sonoita Fairgrounds between 12:00 and 1:00 pm, provided there are no unexpected delay's.

Lodging and Ride Specific Information

You can find our list of lodging options for Sonoita and Bisbee and ride specific details on the Sonoita-Bisbee Lodging and Information.
If you have questions, contact Colleen at


Each rider is required to register. Fees are per rider, not per bike (both riders on a tandem must register separately.

Review the Registration Process to ensure correct signup, and be aware of the cancellation policy located on the registration page. You must log in as a member and register online for the discount. Day of registration will not be discounted.

• Jan.1 to Mar : GABA Members: $80.00, Non - Members: $100.00.

• Mar  to Apr  : GABA Members: $100.00, Non-Members: $120.00.

No Day of registration.

Attention ABC/PMBC members please send Supported Rides an email with your name, email address and cell phone number so we can add you to our membership database. Once this is complete, you will be notified of your login and password to register as a member by logging in. There is no discount coupon anymore.

We'll send emails to registered riders three days pre-ride with updates, be sure to register with a working email address. If you do not receive a GABA Welcome Letter by the day before the ride, please check your Spam folder

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Volunteer Opportunity

To have a successful ride, we need members to volunteer to help with rider check-in before the ride, SAG stop, Sweep vehicle driver, to help cyclists, Baggage vehicle driver, to help transport riders luggage to their hotel. To learn more, go to GABA Volunteer Opportunities and Volunteering or send our Volunteer Coordinator, Susan Reed at

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Thanks and hope we see you on the ride!
Ride Organizer is Colleen Giles

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy can be found on the Registration page.