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Chain maintenance does not insure that you will never have a problem with your chain. Knowing how to
fix or replace a chain is important for cyclists to know.


Chain tool holds the chain in place on pegs (in the position farthest from T handle)

Turn T handle to push the tool's pin against the chain rivet, forcing it out
Do not push the chain rivet past the outer plate on the far side

The ends of the rivet are slightly wider than the holes in the outer plates, therefore the rivet is
virtually impossible to reinstall if pushed out

Stop turning the T handle when driver becomes harder to turn

Reverse the driver, screwing the T handle back out

Take the chain off the chain tool pegs; try to separate it by twisting it back and forth slightly. If
you can't, put the chain back on the pegs, turn the driver another quarter turn, try again to
separate it. keep trying until the chain separates.


    Some chains require a new pin (e.g. Shimano chains. Do not break these chains unless you have a
    replacement pin).




    Recommended Tools:
    • Chain checker or wear indicator 
    • Chain tool
    • Master link pliers
    • Dry chain lube

    Click HERE for video