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Sonoita-Bisbee Challenge
Saturday March 13 to Sunday March 28th, 2021
Start/Finish: Santa Cruz County Fair Grounds, Sonoita, AZ or ANYWHERE, USA.
Distances: Day 1- 63 Miles, Day 2 - 67 Miles.

With the Spring sun beckoning you to Bisbee and the wind at your back, travel East on Hwy 82, feast your eye's on the rolling grassland country with the lofty Hauchuca Mountains at the horizon. Join us for a weekend of camaraderie, fitness, and fun in Bisbee. Pedal along rolling hill's and enjoy scenic vistas as you make your way to the quaint old mining town of Bisbee, now an art's colony, nestled in Southeast Arizona's Mule Mountains.


Course Overview & Maps

Day 1, 63 miles (Sonoita, Tombstone, and Bisbee). 

Ride North out of the Santa Cruz Fairgrounds, then turn east onto Hwy 82.  The route will pass through the beautiful grasslands of the Sonoita countryside to Mustang Corners towards Tombstone. Continue east on Hwy 82 the elevation dips down to the San Padro River and the Ghost Town of Fairbank which was settled in 1881, and was the closest rail stop to nearby Tombstone. There are still some buildings and foundations remaining of what was once the town of Fairbank, AZ. At Hwy 80 turn South towards the lively old town of Tombstone. Continue south on Hwy 80 towards Bisbee. Once near the top of  Mule Pass, the route will take you onto Old Divide Rd where you can look down on the town of Bisbee.    

Day 2,  67 miles (Bisbee, Sierra Vista, Huachuca City, Sonoita).

Head south on Hwy 80 out of Bisbee, then at traffic circle turn onto Hwy 92 south towards Hereford. Be sure to check out the Lavender Pit as you make your descend out of Bisbee. Enjoy the long descent towards the San Pedro River, turning onto Hereford Rd. The route crossed the San Pedro and continues through residential streets making it's way thru Sierra Vista. Route continues on Buffalo Soldier Trail/Hwy 90., Riders will continue on Buffalo Soldier Trail/Hwy 90 thru Huachuca City to Mustang Corners and Hwy 82. Turn Left onto Hwy 82 West and enjoy the grasslands and rolling hills towards Sonoita.  Continue on Hwy 82 West thru the quiet Ranches and Farms making your way to the Santa Cruz County Fair & Rodeo Grounds and the end to a wonderful ride.
Note: Just past the Lavender Pit, on a side street, there is the Bisbee Breakfast Club. This is a very popular spot for riders to meet for breakfast before heading out back to Sonoita. (Bisbee Breakfast Club, 75A Erie St, Bisbee, AZ).

How it works:

1. Register on the GABA website. Registration fee for members and non-members is $25.00.

• If you like to ride with friends, invite them to register and join you on your ride as long as  there are less than 10 of you in a group and you maintain social distancing. You can't share miles but you can share in the experience.

2. Start your ride from the Santa Cruz County Fair & Rodeo Grounds in Sonoita or Anywhere USA (we do encourage you to ride the Sonoita-Bisbee route).You will have 2 weeks to complete the ride, Saturday March 13th to Sunday March 28th 5 pm. 

3. This ride is on your own. There will be no volunteer support for this challenge and no Day of Registration. 

4. Join the virtual community of fellow riders through our Strava Group, Greater Arizona Bicycling Association (GABA) Encourage your friends and talk smack about who will complete the challenge.

• Log your ride in the GABA Strava Group.
• Label your ride Sonoita-Bisbee Challenge
• Supported Rides will monitor the GABA Strava Group to see who has completed the Challenge.

Participants will receive:


 How to Join the GABA Club on Strava:
Go to the "Explore" tab at the top of your strava page, then click on "clubs". It will take you to a new page. There, type in "Greater Arizona Bicycling Association (GABA)" in the club name, then type in "Tucson" for location. Click "Cycling" then you can hit "search" . GABA should come up on the top of the list. Click on "Greater Arizona Bicycling Association" and it will take you to the Club page, there should be a "Join" button to join the club and that's it.

From there you can look over the club page to see the "leaderboard", "recent activity", "members'', and "posts" at the top of the page.  You will also see "This week's leaderboard" and "last week's leaderboard".

Whenever you ride and use Strava, your ride will automatically be loaded into the GABA club stats.

How to join strava?
How to Join Strava for Challenge

Lodging and Ride Specific Information

You can find our list of lodging options for Sonoita and Bisbee and ride specific details on the Sonoita-Bisbee Lodging.
If you have questions, contact Colleen at


Online registration will Open January 1st, 2021.
Online registration will close Friday March 26th at 10:00 pm

Each rider is required to register. Fees are per 
rider, not per bike (both riders of a tandem must register separately.) 

*  Registration fee is $25.00 for members and non-members. The fee will not increase and there is No Day of Registration.

Register Now!

Where your ride fee will go:

 10% of your ride fee will go to the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona to help those in need during this time.