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Part of the PlacesForBikes initiative that PeopleForBikes is kicking off in tandem with the
Big Jump Project is a new data-driven system for identifying the best U.S. cities for bicycling
and rewarding those that are improving the fastest.
Part of creating the new "Great Bike Cities" list involves community members completing a
short survey about their perceptions of biking in Tucson.
The more people who complete the survey in Tucson by April 15th, the better your city's
chances are of becoming a Great Bike City.

Click here to take the survey.  Thank you.

A message from:
Andy Bemis
Lead Planner, Bicycle & Pedestrian Program
City of Tucson Department of Transportation
(520) 837-6596


Our helpful experts and rider members share maintenance tips and schedules. Keep your bicycle in exceptional working condition by reading and following our maintenance tips. 

Rider Members get special access to even more information, sponsor discounts and more!

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

GABA Jerseys Are Back!

GABA has a newly designed jersey, with a lower-than-ever purchase price! The short sleeved jerseys, in sizes for both men and women, are full zip, club cut, and sell for only $35 + $2 tax!

These GABA jerseys are sold exclusively at the Loop Bike Shop.  Owner, Michael Wilkinson, is ordering the jerseys in lots of 50, but the popularity of the jersey is causing it to sell quickly. So hurry in to get yours today!

If you find that your size is already sold out, you can try on a Loop Bike Shop jersey for size, as they are made by the same manufacturer. Michael will take pre-orders for the next order placed, and call you when they are in.

Start looking for this knock-out jersey on a ride near you!

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