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March Show

Happy 40th Anniversary to GABA 2021

The 40th Anniversary committee found an interesting article to share with you. The 2001 article was written by now deceased member, Richard Corbett, when GABA turned 20.  Since Rich was one of the founding members of GABA, he was able to tell us authentically, how our club came in to being. This LINK will take you to the website page for a  bit of history.

Enjoy the read and…

Happy New Year!

Hello Gaba Members and Friends of GABA

We want to thank everyone who helped make this year’s toy project a success. With the money you donated through GABA’s GoFundMe campaign and GABA’s direct contribution of $2,000, we were able to purchase 270 toys and have enough left over to put together food baskets for 20 families. Target donated a $250 gift card, and Walmart donated a $400 gift card. More toys were dropped off at Sabino Cycles and brought to our Santa’s helpers on the 12th. And a few people rode their bikes down to the station and delivered toys on their own.

On Saturday the 19th, masked families lined up outside the station and Captain Andy and his fire house elves, along with volunteers from the South Tucson Police Department, welcomed them into the station. Respectful of Covid-19 guidelines, one parent (and as many kids as had come with them) came into the station where they were given a guided tour of the toys, sporting goods, and art supplies. The items were broken out by age group and type of toy so that the kids could pick the things that they liked.

There were two small tricycles and a few child’s bikes that went home to new owners that day, and anyone who got a bike also got a helmet and one toy. And, at the insistence of a South Tucson Police Department elf, every child got to pick their favorite stuffed toy from a box that was overflowing.

In addition to the toys, we were also able to provide 20 families (selected by Captain Andy) with food boxes. Two chickens and everything needed for a family celebration were in each box and I know that they went to people who appreciated what we’d done.


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