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Day Rides

GABA's day ride program provides a wide variety rides where almost everyone can find a ride suitable to their skill and fitness. Unlike some bicycle clubs that have fixed rides on certain dates, our ride leaders choose rides they would like to do on days they would like. We want everyone to have a safe and fun ride. This means each rider having a suitable bike, finding a ride compatible with your fitness and skill level and obeying all traffic laws.

Our rides vary in size from just a few to over 20 or 30 riders. The larger rides typically will naturally divide up into smaller groups and have a "sweep" rider as the last rider to help with any issues that may arise. These larger rides also have several re-groupings to keep the ride together.

Ride leaders are responsible and competent individuals. They plan a ride and publish it on GABA's MeetUp page. They are at the start location at least 15 minutes prior to the start with the ride waiver and give verbal instructions and reminders. They ride the ride they posted. That means they expect the final average speed to be in the posted range. Should there be an incident, they will fill out a report form and give it to the club president.

Responsible riders arrive in plenty of time to sign the ride waiver and prepare to ride. Their bike is in good mechanical condition including properly inflated tires and they carry spare tubes and a way to fix a flat tire. They wear a mandatory helmet but no earbuds. They carry plenty of fluids and food as appropriate. They obey all traffic laws and ride in a safe manner being kind and courteous to others at all times. Riders are encouraged to print a cue sheet or download a route map in the unlikely case they miss a turn or have to abandon the ride.