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Greater Arizona Bicycling Association, Inc.
Where cycling is more than just riding a bike
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Volunteering at the Greater Arizona Bicycle Association:

Volunteering is the greatest support an event or organization can have. Volunteering makes any event a success, plus gets people involved in local events and encourages the feeling of community and goodness, while helping improve the quality of life for others.

At the Greater Arizona Bicycling Association volunteers are our greatest asset and are responsible for the success of many GABA events in and around Tucson.

Being a volunteer does not go without being noticed. For GABA, our volunteers receive incentives for their help and support at GABA events. Volunteers supporting overnight ride are compensated for meals and mileage for travel to and from the overnight ride location, as well as mileage supporting the event. Overnight lodging is provided to all volunteers free of charge. Support volunteers do not need to be a GABA member.

The overnight ride events offer the opportunity for volunteers to get out of town and explore the different regions of Arizona and even in neighboring, New Mexico. Be a part of the desert landscape or our local mountains and the open sky!

To organize (lead or co-lead) a ride, GABA membership is a requirement.  Individual memberships begin at the basic level of $15 Household or Family memberships are $25. You can choose the length of your membership. Up to 3 year memberships are provided.

Volunteers will earn GABA credits at every GABA ride event. Whether you volunteer for a single day ride event or one of our overnight ride events, you can earn GABA credits. These credits are issued by the Club in increments of $5 that are tracked electronically.  Volunteers can use them for ride fees, membership fees, etc.  They have no expiration date either.  The credits can be transferred to someone else or donated back to GABA to help with a worthy cause supported by GABA.

GABA Credits" are earned as follows:

  1. For  volunteering at SAG (rest) stops, baggage truck, sweep vehicles, water truck, photographer, etc., you get:

    $15 for 1 day events;

    $20 for 2 day events;

    $30 for 3 day events;

  2. For volunteering for lunch serving: $10
  3. For volunteering at registration, parking lot or other small events: $5
  4. For organizing a century ride: $35
  5. For organizing a two-day overnight ride: $45
  6. For organizing a three-day overnight ride: $55


Information on Qualifications and Responsibilities for each volunteer position, please go to our home page at, look for “Volunteering” in the left hand column, and then click.

To be a GABA support volunteer it’s not necessary for you to be a bicyclist, just that you have the desire to connect to the community you are in. Volunteering can teach you a new skill or develop one that you already have. You will learn to grow by doing many different activities and tasks. Most of all, you will learn what your community needs and find ways to meet those needs….and make new friends in the process. 


Current Volunteer Opportunities:


GABA currently has several opportunities for Ride Organizers:  Sonoita-Bisbee two day overnight ride and Mount Lemmon Hill Climb. To view these opportunities click GABA Volunteer after you have logged in on the GABA website.

For each of the above opportunities there are volunteer slots to actually support the riders their adventure.

To view the opportunities click GABA Volunteer or contact the GABA Volunteer Coordinator at


See you on the Road!