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Decoding GABA's Day Ride Code

GABA's Day Rides an abbreviated annotation to describe the basics of the ride. The annotation is usually found immediately after the ride name and consists of the average speed for the ride, an indication of the terrain to be covered and the total distance covered on the ride.

The average speed is the speed riders should expect to average at the end of the ride. During the ride a rider can expect to be averaging above and/or belong the posted average for a segment of the ride depending on such factors terrain and weather. Average speed is designated with a letter as follows:

     A    20+ mph
     B+ 18-20 mph
     B   16-18 mph
     C+ 14-16 mph
     C   12-14 mph
     D   8-12

Numbers are used to denote the four different types of terrain. 

     1 Flat
     2 Minor Hills
     3 Moderate Hills
     4 Long Climbs or Very Steep

GABA Ride Types:

Social – No Drop: we ride together two abreast where conditions permit. We often have a sweep rider and no one gets dropped

Re Group: We ride in smaller groups at our own pace and regroup at specified points in the route

Training Ride: The route is posted and all riders need to be self sufficient