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Event Registrants

This is a list of registrants for the displayed event
Title: GABA's 40th Anniversary Picnic
When: Saturday, November 6, 2021, 11:30 AM until 3:00 PM

Name Type
Guest 1 Everyone
Enrique Alcaine Everyone
Karla Bailey Everyone
John Bailiff Everyone
Gerald Beal Everyone
Joyce Beal Everyone
William Borland Everyone
Bob Clarke Everyone
John Conant Everyone
Barbara Coon Everyone
sidney Coon Everyone
Melinda Correll Everyone
Pam Cullop Everyone
Wayne Cullop Everyone
Keith Curry Everyone
Noni Davis Everyone
Mike Day Everyone
John DeYoung Everyone
Eileen Floyd Everyone
Doug Fowler Everyone
Kristi Fowler Everyone
Jan Fulwiler Everyone
Bob Gallagher Everyone
Claudia Gallagher Everyone
John Garcia Everyone
Ronald Gasser Everyone
Robin Gates Everyone
Colleen Giles Everyone
Kerry Hales Everyone
Kathleen Hanley Everyone
Erica Hansen Everyone
John Harrison Everyone
Cliff Haston Everyone
Kevin Henrion Everyone
Elizabeth Herron Everyone
Daphne Horn Everyone
Douglas Horn Everyone
Michael Ignatowicz Everyone
Peggy Jacobsen Everyone
Scott Jacobsen Everyone
David Kasdan Everyone
Lisa Kiser 1 Everyone
Lisa Kiser 2 Everyone
Chuck Lachin Everyone
Rubin Landau Everyone
Gary Leahy Everyone
Mark Levine Everyone
Sheryl Levine Everyone
Wendi Mabee Everyone
Amy MacNaughton Everyone
Jacqueline Major Everyone
Pete McAndrews Everyone
Carol Meier Everyone
Hector Melendez Everyone
Tanya Mirchandani Everyone
Denise Mouch Everyone
Thomas Mouch Everyone
Nancy Odegaard Everyone
Sherry Palmer Everyone
Dave Parsons Everyone
Karen Ragland Everyone
Susan Reed Everyone
Jerry Retzlaff 1 Everyone
Jerry Retzlaff 2 Everyone
Richard B Roche Everyone
Rich Rousseau Everyone
Sandra Rousseau Everyone
Dave Ryan Everyone
William Sarnack Everyone
Diane Seganos 1 Everyone
Diane Seganos 2 Everyone
Alec Sharp Everyone
Ike Smith Everyone
Rhonda Smith Everyone
Stephen Spare Everyone
Stephen Spare Everyone
Gary Stark Everyone
Liane Stark Everyone
Barb Sterling Everyone
Mark Sterling Everyone
joy strk Everyone
Dawn Tatman Everyone
Ruth Taylor-Piliae Everyone
Bruce Tucker Everyone
Ginger Ververelli Everyone
Maria Wakefield Everyone
Harry Watson Everyone
Suzie Weisband Everyone
Barry Weiss Everyone
Joyce Weiss Everyone
Lonnie Whetstine Everyone
Linda White Everyone
Robert Willman Everyone
Greg Yares Everyone