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Two New Loop Reports

The first one is the Huckelberry Loop Survey Report containing the results of surveying 1,338 people living the Tucson area regarding The Loop. Key findings are:

  • The majority of people use The Loop primarily for recreation
  • The types of destinations that most people are interested in accessing on The Loop include bars, restaurants, and cafes, parks, and special events
  • Respondents would be more likely to use The Loop if there were
    • More connections to other parts of the city
    • Safer routes to walking or biking to The Loop
    • More destinations of interest along The Loop
  • Traffic and speeding vehicles on Loop-adjacent roadways are the biggest safety concerns for users 

The survey's recommendations are:

  • Create Loop pathways throughout the city of Tucson
  • Improve safety of bike routes to The Loop
  • Encourage bike-friendly development along The Loop
  • Increase awareness and enforcement of Loop regulations and policies 
The second report, Initial Loop Counter Results, is the data from the two new counters on the Santa Cruz and Rillito river parks.The counters count both pedestrians and cyclists going in each direction. It is not a surprise the Rillito counter by the Horse Race Track had the highest count over the two week period. The count of over 27,000 users easily out paced the Santa Cruz count of 12,000 users. The Santa Cruz counter is between Speedway and St. Mary's on the west side. Bicycle usage at the Rillito site exceed pedestrian usage by only 4 percentage points. Bicyclists far exceed pedestrians at the Santa Cruz site.

Bike Theft
By Catherine Serra

I had my bicycle stolen in April. I was extremely fortunate the Tucson Police located my bicycle the next week. Every cyclist in Tucson is aware of the staggering rates of stolen bicycles. Most often the bicyclists were locked up, whether on a bike rack, secured to a bicycle rack, inside a car or protected in some other way. That does not detour thieves. Unfortunately, the police do not have the staff to make bicycle theft a priority. It is rare bicycles are recovered and if they are, usually no arrest is made. Additionally, having anything stolen from you brings on feelings of violation, as well as, the initial anger. Not to mention, bicycles are very expensive, thus being difficult to immediately replace. 

Bike Theft Continuation 

Loop Updates

Here is the latest Loop updates via the The Loop Advisory Committee:

  • Julian Wash extension, Rita to Houghton is complete.
  • Big Wash from Oro Valley Market Place to the north side of Oro valley Hospital should start soon.
  • Santa Cruz River (east bank) – new underpass at Sunset Road – should start the second week of June.
  • Rillito Slope Repair (north bank, just east of the Country Club Pedestrian Bridge) should start in June. This will be a significant project installs two retaining walls and will elevate the pathway approximately 3’. It will lay the eroding slope back to a 3:1 slope with hydro seeding and soil benching and the new pathway will be paved and striped. Loop traffic will be routed to the south side between Country Club and Mountain Ave.
  • 5 Curb access ramps will be installed in the downtown area along the Santa Cruz River prior to June 30th – 1 at Congress (southwest corner), 1 at St. Mary’s (southwest corner), 3 at Grant (northwest corner, northeast corner, southeast  corner).

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