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Loop Improvement Starting Mid August

A short segment on the north bank of the Rillito River Park will be sloped back starting in mid August. Park users normally accustomed to using the north side of river park between Country Club and Mountain Ave are encouraged to switch the south side as the north side will be closed to users. The slope will be cut back and the path raised about 3 feet. 

July Loop Counter Reports

The data is collected by the two EcoCounters with one on the Rillito near the Horse Race Track and the other on the Santa Cruz near St. Mary's. The graphs showing the number of users as a function of the weather in July is located in 2020_07 Weather Charts. The second document contains data separating out pedestrians and cyclists and is located in 2020_07 User Charts. The Rillito data shows 2 out of 3 users are eastbound and the pedestrians out number cyclists 2 to 1. Do you wonder why the ratio is not closer to 50 percent? For the Santa Cruz more users are northbound than southbound but not quite as high a ratio as the Rillito park. The cyclist out number the pedestrians 2 to 1.

Bike Theft
By Catherine Serra

I had my bicycle stolen in April. I was extremely fortunate the Tucson Police located my bicycle the next week. Every cyclist in Tucson is aware of the staggering rates of stolen bicycles. Most often the bicyclists were locked up, whether on a bike rack, secured to a bicycle rack, inside a car or protected in some other way. That does not detour thieves. Unfortunately, the police do not have the staff to make bicycle theft a priority. It is rare bicycles are recovered and if they are, usually no arrest is made. Additionally, having anything stolen from you brings on feelings of violation, as well as, the initial anger. Not to mention, bicycles are very expensive, thus being difficult to immediately replace. 

Bike Theft Continuation 


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